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Wellness options for EVERYBODY.

The YMCA of Pueblo is a charitable organization, so we ensure everybody has the opportunity to pursue their own fitness goals, regardless of their current fitness level OR ability to pay. 

We know that staying healthy involves more than working out. Our programs and services focus on the entire family's health, while providing a variety of fitness and wellness programs to serve a person's unique needs.

At the Y, we provide educational programs to promote prevention and healthier decisions so you can know the best ways to stay fit. 


This fall, we're rolling out two new chronic disease prevention programs. Click the links below to learn more about Diabetes Prevention and Healthy Weight & Your Child.  

Diabetes Prevention Program

Happening this month! 

A trained Lifestyle Coach will help you change your health by learning about healthy eating, physical activity and other behavior changes. The program includes 25 sessions over the course of one year.

 Click here to view the full description

Healthy Weight & Your Child Program

HW&YC is a 25-session evidence-based program for children with obesity. The program includes a Family Information Session followed by 25 sessions delivered over four months. The family-based weight-management program focuses on nutrition education and physical activity to encourage healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle to reach a healthy weight. 

For the full brochure, click here.

Contact Healthy Living Director + Lifestyle Coach Cameron Giebel for more information: [email protected]

Group Fitness

Group fitness at the Y is an opportunity for people of all fitness levels to maintain their level of fitness or push far beyond their goals. We have low-impact programs for people just beginning or who are looking for a gentle workout, and we have high-intensity workouts for athletes and people looking to push their limits. Come in today!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is composed of gentle, graceful movements linked together in a continuous, smooth flowing sequence. Part martial art, part exercise program and part meditation, Tai Chi – when practiced regularly – can increase flexibility, build strength, improve balance and coordination, relieve stress and enhance concentration.

Y Firm

This group exercise class combines strength training with cardio, and focuses on building core strength and tone.

Basic Sculpt

In our Basic Sculpt class we focus on a strength training workout that combines flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning while using various weight and resistant equipment. Great for beginning and intermediate fitness levels.

Metabolic Conditioning

The words “metabolic conditioning” are thrown around quite a bit in the fitness industry. In one setting, it may mean something as simple as intervals while in a different gym it may consist of a complex circuit involving free-weights, rope slams, and medicine ball work.

This interval style group fitness class will push you as far as you want to go. Members often compare this to Crossfit. We agree, but it's more adaptable to different abilities. It's also one of our most popular fitness classes. Come try it out!

Y Cycle

Increase your stamina, strength, and cardio health with Y cycle! This class is a great opportunity for improvement as a novice cyclist or for the seasoned athlete.

Water Aerobics

Low to high-impact aerobics class held in the pool. These classes utilize the resistance and buoyancy of water to tone the muscles while protecting the joints. The classes are FREE to Y members! No registration necessary.



YMCA Water Aerobics classes are held in our main family pool and therapy pool!


Water Aerobics:

Monday/Friday - 8-8:55am 
Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 5:15 -6:10 p.m. 

River Walking:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 9-9:55a m


Water Aerobics/River Walking Combo:

Tuesday/Thursday -8:30am-9:30am





TRX will push you...whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning.


TRX is an advanced fitness program using suspended straps for body weight workouts that focus on building your core power, and enhancing overall agility and strength.

TRX is for everyone.

Are you looking to build power? Endurance? Balance? Control? TRX will progress your fitness and athletic abilities by helping you become more balanced, and by strengthening your core. Your body is only as strong as its core...enhance your core power and stability by joining our TRX program!


How to participate: 

Show up for the group class! It's on the Group Fit schedule. This is a progressive program, so you'll build on your newfound strength and endurance throughout the month. You can drop in if there are spots available.

Want to learn more?

TRX is used by athletes, soldiers, moms, dads, doctors, and superheroes across the planet. Check out some examples of TRX here.

Want to find out more? Contact Cameron at 719.543.5151 x323 or [email protected]





The YMCA of Pueblo offers yoga classes for all levels at our facility. Yoga is an excellent fitness option for people of all abilities, whether you're looking to build a base of wellness in your life or to bring your fitness and flexibility to the next level. 

Yoga classes are FREE to YMCA members and day-pass users. Click here to see our group fitness schedule for class times. 

Personal Training

Personal Training



Personal Training at the Y is THE place to reach your goals. Build strength, endurance, or trim down for better health. We're here to work with you.


More Info:

Contact Cameron at 719.543.5151 x323 or [email protected]

About Health and Wellness at the Y

Our Staff

About the Strength and Conditioning area


















Build the body you want at the Y!

The YMCA Strength and Conditioning area has a full spectrum of equipment to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

We have:

  • Full assortment of dumbbells
  • Multiple benches, standard and incline
  • Squat Racks
  • Full assortment of state of the art Nautilus weight machines
  • Pullup and Chinup bars
  • Plyometric platform boxes
  • Full assortment of medicine balls and fitness balls
  • and so much more!

Want to know more?

Contact Cameron at 719.543.5151 x 323 or email [email protected]