How To Register Online For Programs


DAXKO is the program used by thousands of YMCA facilities for online registration. Create your DAXKO account today, and you'll be able to register online Y programs whenever you have time! (Like when the kids are asleep!)

Current or previous YMCA members and program participants:

If you are currently or have ever been a YMCA of Pueblo member or program participant, you'll just be activating an online DAXKO account with the contact info already registered with the Pueblo Y!  You'll click the "set up online access to my account" link on the DAXKO page, and follow instructions from there.

First-time YMCA program participants:

If you've never been a Y member or program participant, you'll click "I don't have an account but want to create one" on the DAXKO page.

Attention parents and families:

When you create a DAXKO account, make sure you enter any parents or legal guardians in the household, as well as any children or others who will be registering for any programs in the future. 


If your DAXKO account is under the name Jane Smith, and you are the parent or guardian of Johnny Smith (age 9), and you want to to register Johnny for swim lessons, you'll need to use his name when registering for those lessons. This will make it possible for the Y to have accurate rosters at all of our programs.



Now that you've created your DAXKO account, browse the Y website and register for your favorite programs!